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Rebecca Moros Agrees to Terms with INAC Kobe Leonessa


Rebecca Moros and INAC Kobe have agreed to terms for the 2013 season. Moros’s first season with INAC Kobe was in 2012 after the suspension of Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) league.

Prior to becoming part of INAC during the 2012 season, Moros, played in the WPS league for four seasons – playing for Western NY Flash,  Western NY Flash and Washington Freedom.

“I’m so happy to be returning to INAC and Japan.  I had a tremendous experience last year, and I’m anticipating this year will be even greater. I’m most looking forward to reuniting with my teammates and continuing to work together to grow the sport of soccer,” said Moros.

A message from Moros to all of her Japanese fans:

フアン の みなさん に ごしんぱい を おかけ しました。

日本 に もどれて とても うれしい です。

きょねん INAC で サッカー を して、 日本 に すんだこと は 私 に とって いい けいけん に なりました。

そして 日本 が だいすき に なりました。

今 日本語 を べんきょう して います。

チームメート と たくさん はなしたい です。

サポータ とも コミュニケーション を とりたい です。

これから ブログ を 少しずつ 日本語 でも はじめます。

この シーズン も よろしく おねがいします。


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Pithside Report


Feb 06, 2013

I’m so glad both you and Bev will be staying with INAC Kobe for the 2013 season! Your Japanese is very good without any mistakes. 2013ねんのシーズンも、がんばってください。アメリカから、おうえんしています。

Feb 07, 2013

ベッキーは、にほんご が とても おじょうずです。すごいよ!
I am very happy to be able to see your play in Kobe.
We also support this year INAC!

Feb 07, 2013

まってました ベッキーさん!

Lol, you write Japanese the way you do English — each word is separated by space. A very good idea. It indicates you learn the language very technically and systematically, rather than memorize phrases blindly. The fans will be thrilled by your blog. Tell INAC to link your blog to their website — as they do for Kawasumi, Asuna, and (still) Ohno.

チーム の みんな も まってるよ。:-)

Feb 07, 2013

Very happy for Rebecca, she must be learning lots in Japan. I was wondering why we hadn’t heard that she was snapped up by a team for the new league in the US. Was hoping she would return to DC to play for the Washington Spirit. Very much enjoyed watching her play for the Freedom. She seems like a sweet girl and a fantastic player. Perhaps a run at the USWNT will be in her future. I hope that she will remain on the Radar screen playing over in Japan.

Feb 07, 2013

にほんご!すごい ですね!
I can’t wait to see you playing on the pitch!
えいご は むずかしい です。

Feb 17, 2013

l cannot wait for a league beginning.
l support you.

Feb 21, 2013

また日本に 来てくれて ありがとう。
ことしも かつやく してください。
I am very happy to see yore play in INAC
Kobe this year.
Your japanese is very good!

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